Have Been Writing on EVE

A note for the blog that I have put down a couple short stories in my EVE blog. They’re fiction based on the online science fiction MMO, EVE. I have them located at the¬†tumblr blog for my EVE character, Xavi Bastanold. Feel free to check them out, but realize it may require a little fore knowledge into the lore of EVE.

The next story will be with Xavi piloting a ship in space as a capsuleer. Not sure in what context or even what ship, but I’m looking forward to it.


Oh Geez, 2015

Yeah, this is not good. It’s been years¬†since this blog started and I’m so seriously behind at this point. On the other hand, I’ve started another blog (for EVE) where I’m keeping my writing chops with tidbits of fiction between other wordy things (and pics once in a while). Also the whole reason for the delay may be seeing progress as well.

The wargame design has met a small hurdle these last few months when I finished both an editing of the game map and collected some key data for one of the combatant sides. Currently my developer is reviewing these latest projects and then we’ll see what else needs doing before playtesting can begin in earnest. Getting the map done was the 2,000 lb. monkey on my back, so having it completed pleases me to no end.

The novel is still there in my head. And on a blog on a flashstick, actually. Well, all the reference material and other stuff. The two main characters, a human named Batu and an AI who calls herself ‘Penny,’ are still very much on my mind. I will have to introduce them at some point. They would be very put out if I didn’t.

Progress the Story

0. Yeah, haven’t started yet! Hah! Well, I did but it’s been bogged down the last couple weeks. Realized I have to start from the top again. But, there was a minor breakthrough.

It’s all about this image in my head. It sort of defines the story for me, for whatever reason. I’d decided that since it was so dominant in my head then it should start off the story. What followed was not so good. Sure, the writing was focused on this scene I adore, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Or, it was but really really slowly.

Today, I’m driving in to work and thinking about it. I remember the mantra thing: progress the story. Progress the story. And it hits me: this is basically starting with what amounts to a piece torn out of the story. It’s disjointed, making for an awkward and laborious progression. I don’t have to lose the scene at all. It just needs to return to its place within the story. Why I thought it had to be at the beginning and only there is beyond me (or locked somewhere deep in a warped psyche).

From here on out …

It’s been three years since the first post here about my intent on writing a novel. Not all wasted time, but hell if not a fair amount. Part of the problem was thematic, but more on that in the next post.

First, I want to say that from this point onward, posts will be about the novel. I’m starting it up, and intend on pushing through it steadily, even if it means a mere hundred words further. We’re good stock Mom used to tell me, and if we’re to go down, then go down fighting. So be it. I am on this. Muse be damned, I am a man at work.

Second, these posts are mostly for my own sake, a way of hanging myself out to dry when the procrastination sets in. And, when things are going well, it’ll be a way to pat myself on the back. If people are sitting in on this, well, I’m flattered–but really mostly embarrassed. Anyway, consider this blog a form of self reflection. People should feel free to comment as the mood suits them. I’ll reply as the situation warrants. I don’t remember if I did anything to moderate replies, but if so I’ll make sure to keep up to date on that. Please keep it relatively civil is all I ask.

Okay, so posts will start off with a number, which will represent the current word count for my work. Sort of a tip of the hat to C.J. Cherryh, my favorite science fiction author. After that I’ll cover where I’m at in the book, what the situation is like, and possibly anything else that comes to mind. It’s all a swirl, baby. All a swirl.