Really?! 2011??

I did a quick review of my posts in this blog and came away shocked. Yeah, I know: the number of posts just hit two digits. But that’s not it. I started this idea for writing a novel in 2011. That was 2 years ago and here I am working on a wargame. Before getting back to that novel. I’m glad I started this blog. It’s like an anvil hanging over my head by a string. Since 2011. I got to get going.



So, yeah, I’m still here and still on that story. It’s still just a story in my head and on a private wiki though. Hashing out plotlines to make sure they’re all believable. Including the one that kicks it all off. Lots of cool ideas since the last time I posted, and I hope to get at it again soon. A game design takes some of my time, but not that much, so soon. Soon.

Science Fiction Means …

… coming up with ideas for stuff you’d never run into in regular fiction. For example, how do you suppose people would get around in an airport with zero gravity? Yup, that took awhile to ponder, but an idea finally surfaced from the depths of the Imagination. No magical artificial gravity for me! This universe is a mere 176 years into the future and that hasn’t been solved yet, from my telling of the tale.

Now that THATS out of the way I can get on with the story.

I’m Still Here

4167. Finished the first chapter. Life has a way of getting in the way of writing. So does procrastination. Still, it was a great trip two weeks ago to Whitefish to see my brother-in-law and his family. I think I have the snowboard bug as well. Amtrak is a nightmare though. Not sure I’ll use them again unless absolutely necessary.

The story gets stronger and slowly the milieu is put in place, piece by piece. My characters are taking on life. The first real breathe in the balloon is done.

Er, Progress… no really

753. Well, that’s 753 after another rewrite. I know, I know. Will have to stop at some point, but each time I get going something new at the outset is out of focus. My thoughts are that as long as I get the beginning to a place where I’m comfortable, then it should smooth out from that point. The good news is I am feeling better and better about my story and my characters. The story is fleshing out.

It ‘s funny. Got a lot done last night while my son was playing with friends in the den and my wife was upstairs hosting her book reading group. There I was in the unfinished room, the manroom. Computer: check. Christmas lights draping the exposed beams: check. Old dog: check.

Take Two

413. Okay, new perspective and a little more research. Like where it’s going now.

Had a game last night, indoor soccer thing. Made a goal but we lost 9-5, ouch. A good group of fellows just not many on the same page. It’s a pick-up team. Boy, am I sore. Nothing really bad, just getting old for this sort of thing. Can’t help it though.