Progress the Story

0. Yeah, haven’t started yet! Hah! Well, I did but it’s been bogged down the last couple weeks. Realized I have to start from the top again. But, there was a minor breakthrough.

It’s all about this image in my head. It sort of defines the story for me, for whatever reason. I’d decided that since it was so dominant in my head then it should start off the story. What followed was not so good. Sure, the writing was focused on this scene I adore, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Or, it was but really really slowly.

Today, I’m driving in to work and thinking about it. I remember the mantra thing: progress the story. Progress the story. And it hits me: this is basically starting with what amounts to a piece torn out of the story. It’s disjointed, making for an awkward and laborious progression. I don’t have to lose the scene at all. It just needs to return to its place within the story. Why I thought it had to be at the beginning and only there is beyond me (or locked somewhere deep in a warped psyche).


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