Really?! 2011??

I did a quick review of my posts in this blog and came away shocked. Yeah, I know: the number of posts just hit two digits. But that’s not it. I started this idea for writing a novel in 2011. That was 2 years ago and here I am working on a wargame. Before getting back to that novel. I’m glad I started this blog. It’s like an anvil hanging over my head by a string. Since 2011. I got to get going.


3 thoughts on “Really?! 2011??

  1. rhettbigler says:

    Just keep plugging away. Some days the blog will drive you to work on the novel, some days the novel will drive you to work on the blog, and some days you just need a nap.

  2. Good Luck!!! Looks like the blog is serving its purpose in reminding of you to write and create!

  3. Thanks, MobiusSamurai. I’m actually very close to going at it anew. The game design is coming together, but my characters in the story are becoming very interesting after further R&D. I want to get them out on the paper, so to speak. Very soon now.

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