Really?! 2011??

I did a quick review of my posts in this blog and came away shocked. Yeah, I know: the number of posts just hit two digits. But that’s not it. I started this idea for writing a novel in 2011. That was 2 years ago and here I am working on a wargame. Before getting back to that novel. I’m glad I started this blog. It’s like an anvil hanging over my head by a string. Since 2011. I got to get going.


Omigod, Rules, Rules, Rules

Progress on the wargame continues, though I’m falling behind a little bit at the moment. This is not surprising. We’re talking about someone with a lot of inertia. Right now, it’s all about the rules, or rulesbook, as it’s known officially. And, to be honest, the mind is becoming mushy from all the changes I need to implement. The realization has hit that I only have so many quality hours in the day before the brain goes into intellectual drool mode. I seem to be limited to 3 revival periods upon the onset of heavy eyelid action. After that revival only results in a sort of ‘lights are on but nobody’s home’ thang. Ah well, whatcha gonna do, heh? 

So, I whittle away at it one day at a time, confident that one day I’ll notice there’s nothing left to rewrite. Then, I can begin to work on the game module for the playtest group. 

Yeah, omigod.