The Wargame Moves Along

Ideas continue to roil for my novel project. That personal interest remains strong is very reassuring. It must mean it’s not a half bad idea for a story.

Having said that, what is currently on my plate is the wargame, and that is moving as well. I’ve been hard at work converting my old VASSAL version (via Cyberboard graphics) into a new Inkscape inspired version. Inkscape is teh Bomb. I think this game will start to see serious playtesting in 2-3 months now. Got a great developer in Rick Galli and Compass Games have been very supportive the entire time.

I first started musing about this wargame design in winter of 2003/2004. It’s been a haul, but I’m almost there. And it will actually offer something new for a genre that has probably seen the greatest amount of attention and design in the wargaming community: the Soviet-German War.