It’s on hold, so a little of the story

Okay, I have this wargame design I’ve been working on getting published for the last couple of years. The publishing company is Compass Games, and they make good games. Right now we’re headed down the pipe as playtesting is starting in earnest. I’m thinking some time in mid to late 2013 is when this baby sees publication. It’s a wargame and on the Soviet-German War of 1941-1945. It highlights the Soviet development of operational art, and I really want to see this succeed. This means I’m putting my novel on hold until I get this game done. Bummer, but I can’t do both with any sort of quality.


2 thoughts on “It’s on hold, so a little of the story

  1. MobiusSamurai says:

    Hi Glenn,
    When you get the game to the publishing stage let us know on your blog. Myself and a small group of friends enjoy board gaming and we’re always looking for new games to try out. I am not sure if they like wargames but I do so I might be able to convince them to try it (after I buy it of course).

  2. Will do, Mobius. Thanks!

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