Time Rolls Along

Yeah, it’s been awhile since my last confessio-er, post. All sorts of stuff has happened. Most assuredly procrastination, but a death in the family as well. Our dog, Max.

He was a yellow lab with a personality that refused to be ignored. A willful dog, oftentimes just plain goofey. But also the gentlest dog you’d ever meet too. He was with us from 8 weeks old until 12 years and 10 months later. Max finally succumbed to crippling arthritis in his lower back, unable to walk. That was possibly treatable, albeit with difficulty and much work. What did him in was when x-rays showed his chest spotted with numerous tumors. The doctor told us the size of them indicated they had metastasized from another tumor somewhere else on his body. Max was in much pain and we didn’t want to prolong his suffering. We put him to sleep on 4/11. My lovely goof is very sorely missed.

I started meditating again after Max’s passing, something I’d planned on doing sooner or later. Nothing like suffering to really pave the way. It’s been a slightly tumultuous process, my emotions roiling hither and thither between calm periods. Such is meditation. Interestingly, it’s sparked a new interpretation of consciousness for me. Hopefully, it can be weaved into this book, since that’s the core theme.


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