The more you know, the less you know

544. Yeah, progress is slow. Coming up on so many things about moving the story along that I hadn’t given proper thought to–until now, of course. Well, good news is when I get it figured, things should run smoother here on out. Yeah-no.


Take Two

413. Okay, new perspective and a little more research. Like where it’s going now.

Had a game last night, indoor soccer thing. Made a goal but we lost 9-5, ouch. A good group of fellows just not many on the same page. It’s a pick-up team. Boy, am I sore. Nothing really bad, just getting old for this sort of thing. Can’t help it though.

Go Plus One

356. Watching Barça play Levante. 2-0 at present, but they didn’t get the goals until after the restart. Levante were playing with 9 men in the box, and the Blaugrana were short on imagination. It didn’t help that many of the first team players were sitting this one out. Still, it’s 2-0, so we’re good.

Started on the novel last night. Had the idea of its beginning and went with it. And so it begins.