Who me?

It’s daunting to think about me writing a novel. I mean, how pretentious of me, right? I’m just a guy who likes to write, but to write a novel, ho, that’s a different story. The thing is I’ve been thinking of writing a novel for years, decades. Somewhere in an old box in the garage is a notebook filled with notes and data concerning ancient Roman times, particularly from the perspective of a Roman legionary, fighting in Caesar’s army in Gaul. I was in my mid-twenties at the time. Another idea took hold in my thirties, focusing on Central Asia, Tsarist Russia and the Oirat Mongols, all around the eighteenth century. I don’t even know where those notes ended up. Likely the trash can.

And here I am now. This time it’s science fiction. Funny thing, it’s a combination of several ideas and themes I’ve jotted down in my TiddlyWiki page on a flashdrive. They’re ideas that begin in 2006 until now. All seemed promising at the time, then lost their luster or ended up with weird incongruities. Many of them had great parts or pieces, however, and I’ve taken many of those and put together something that feels … promising. And comfortable.

I like the world I’ve made so far, and yeah I’m one of those. Couldn’t ever do something like this with a string of a thought. I need that universe to play in first, so I can see and hear and smell it. This one looks to be fun, but we’ll see how that holds up.


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